Discover the drama, efficiency and beauty present in all Danze & Davis homes, from large estate homes to charming narrow-lot designs. Stunning exteriors often feature grand arches and impressive entries, with spacious interiors and efficient layouts to match. Even the smallest plans enjoy open layouts and luxurious details that command attention. As a business that homebuilders and families across the nation have trusted over 200,000 times, we believe that everyone deserves good design no matter what the budget is or what level of service is required.

As a nationally renowned leader in the residential architecture industry, we combine functionality and design to your specific market or you can chose from an expanded selection of plans that fit your individual needs and style. We customize our services according to your specific needs; whether it's full service conceptual design all the way through final address specific production plans, or just selling designs for a specific division to use through their local service provider.

We believe that our conceptual designs can provide the most marketable, functional and livable homes for buyers. We stand behind our design philosophy that everyone deserves great design no matter what their budget is or what level of service is required.

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Donovan Davis AIA, NCARB


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William Friesenhahn AIA

Project Architect

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